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Shoulder Pain

Getting Started

Choose what level of pain you have. I use pain levels 1 through 10. One is minimal pain and ten is the worst possible pain ever. If your pain level number is between 1 and 5 click on the program labeled (1-5). If your pain level number is between 6 and 10 click on the program labeled (6-10). If you are unsure of what program to use because you can’t decide whether your pain level is a 5 or a 6 perform the corrective exercise routine labeled 6-10. This routine is less challenging and will allow your body to adapt easier versus challenging your body too quickly with the 1-5 routine. If your pain is between 6-10 please perform that routine until you reach the 1-5 pain rating. Once you feel improvement with your symptoms and your ability to function you may progress to the program labeled 1-5. If you are in the 6-10 category and feel relief with your symptoms after a few days continue with those same exercises for at least two weeks before progressing to the program labeled 1-5/10.